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Refund Policies

Refund Policy: CFI Binder Subscriptions

Once a subscription renewal is processed, we will permit you to cancel the renewal no greater than thirty days (30) beyond the date of the subscription renewal.  If you do not contact us within thirty days to cancel your subscription, you will not be entitled to a refund of any kind. On occasion, an exception may be granted but said exception will be made at the sole discretion of FlightCog, its directors, and/or employees.

The subscription that we bundle with The Complete CFI Binder Series contains a key component called “a user license.” This user license grants you permission to use our product (intellectual property) for a specified duration of time. 

  1. We use the word “grant” because legally; you DO NOT OWN our intellectual property. 

  2. We’re simply granting you with permission to use it (hence the license). This is why you cannot modify our work. The license is also how we physically control our intellectual property (who has it, and what they’re doing with it).

Refund Policy: The Complete CFI Binder Series

We sell and distribute The Complete CFI Binder Series as a DRM-Free downloadable ebook. Because the book is DRM-Free. We have no way to "revoke" the book from you after a refund would be given. Therefore, we offer very limited refunds on orders. 

  1. To be eligible for a refund, you must not have downloaded the book already.

  2. If you have already downloaded the book. Your order is NOT eligible for a refund. Once an order is submitted and you download the book. You are committed to that specific version of the book.

  3. We will not "swap" product versions after a download has already occurred.

The Complete CFI Binder Series is the Intellectual Property (IP) of Flight Cognition, Ltd. Because this product is delivered to you in electronic format, once downloaded, it cannot be returned to us. 

  1. No refunds will be offered if we have a record that the product has already been downloaded.

  2. The moment that you initiate the download process on our server, you are taking the Final Delivery of the product. 

  3. We do not offer refunds on downloadable electronic content because we have no way to monitor who is using our Intellectual Property after it has been downloaded from our server. 

  4. If you've downloaded it. All sales are final, and no refunds of any kind, under any circumstances, will be provided.

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