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Technical Publication

The Complete CFI Binder (Cessna 172-RG)

$149 one-time (includes semi-annual license)

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This version of The Complete CFI Binder was designed exclusively for the Cessna 172-RG Cutlass. 

The Complete CFI Binder was designed to be used as your primary teaching aid for Certified Flight Instructor Training (CFI). It should be thought of as a fully developed framework for CFI Training. It has been meticulously written by pilots for pilots. We’ve left no stone unturned. 

The Complete CFI Binder is the most comprehensive teacher’s manual ever created for initial Flight Instructor Certification. The Complete CFI Binder is an industry-leading, fully unified, fully converged solution that practically eliminates the need for additional supplemental study resources (extra books) for CFI Ground School, the CFI Checkride, and while teaching your flight students.

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