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Helping Flight Instructors Since 2014

FlightCog is an Information Services Company that specializes in creating content for flight instructor training and certification. Founded in 2014, FlightCog has been on a mission to deconstruct the boundaries that exist between in-between the Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor FAA Certification levels.

We took a field often steeped in complexity and introduced clarity and accessibility, thanks to our innovative use of technology. Our approach is rooted in making top-tier aviation education not only attainable but engaging, breaking down the barriers of traditional learning. Every resource is designed with the learner in mind, combining foundational aviation principles with interactive, tech-driven learning experiences. We’re not just about passing exams; we’re about fostering a deeper understanding and passion for aviation, preparing our learners to soar in their careers with confidence and skill.

FlightCog proudly calls Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home. Nestled amidst the dynamic pulse of a city renowned for its technological innovation and rich history, our headquarters is as much a learning hub as it is a reflection of our commitment to progress and excellence. Pittsburgh’s vibrant landscape, marked by its iconic bridges and the confluence of rivers, mirrors our philosophy of connection and flow in learning. It’s here, in the heart of the city’s bustling, creative atmosphere, that FlightCog’s innovative educational resources are brought to life, infused with a blend of tradition and forward-thinking that only a city like Pittsburgh can inspire.


To create and refine study materials designed to streamline and expedite the comprehensive journey of becoming a Certified Flight Instructor.


Learning to fly is an art. Securing a flight instructor certificate is a testament to mastering this form of artistry. As a seasoned artist in aviation, it’s your duty to impart the knowledge and insights acquired throughout your journey. The rewards are not confined to the destination but are richly woven into every step of the journey itself.


In a world increasingly inclined towards automation, we are committed to weaving humanity and love back into manned flight. By harnessing innovative technology, we aim to bridge the gap, creating a harmonious blend of human touch and tech prowess. We envision a future where we are instrumental in cultivating competent, tech-savvy teachers, ready to mold the next generation of pilots, grounded in skill and elevated by compassion.

Defining Quotes

We find kinship in the wisdom of Steve Jobs, who professed, "The journey is the reward," and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who reminded us, "It’s not the destination; it’s the journey." These iconic words resonate deeply, mirroring our own foundational beliefs.

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