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Kneeboard Reference Guide


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The Kneeboard Reference Guide makes both teaching and learning easier for the instructor and a new student. As a new flight instructor, you’re still learning the ropes. You’ll be further mastering your skill as a pilot whilst also teaching and critiquing your student’s airmanship simultaneously.

That’s a lot of multitasking! So, we created something to help you multitask.

The Kneeboard Reference Guide is a tool designed primarily for new flight instructors, but can be used by any instructor at any skill level. This tool will help your student mentally visualize each maneuver in the airplane, in-flight, prior to its execution. Thereby solidifying what was learned in the debrief room before the flight, and giving the student that little extra bit of mental acuity needed to perform the task to a satisfactory level. Each maneuver is very clearly explained with graphics. This powerful product can be handed to your student for review, prior to maneuver execution.

The Kneeboard Reference Guide was designed with a simple concept in mind: harness the power of a teachers guide, like a CFI Binder lesson plan for a maneuver, but make it small enough to take in the cockpit. That’s just what we did! The Reference Guide has been designed in Kneeboard Format, which allows portability, and encourages it’s use directly in the cockpit, with your student.

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