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Takeoff With FlightCog

Flight Instructor Study: Made Simple.

FlightCog is your pathway to becoming a skilled flight instructor, offering tailored preparation compliant with FAR Part 61 guidelines. Our expertise and resources ensure mastery, minimizing early-stage failures. With FlightCog, excellence in aviation instruction is not a goal but a guaranteed outcome.

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Initial CFI Training and Certification

The Complete CFI Binder Series is a professionally designed, comprehensive, unified collection designed to instruct the CFI applicant in nearly every required area of study for the FAA CFI practical. It is a turnkey solution that will have you “checkride-ready” by tomorrow.

The Complete CFI Binder

Step into a streamlined learning experience designed specifically for aspiring flight instructors. The Complete CFI Binder, in an easy-to-navigate PDF format, offers a direct path from CFI Ground School to Checkride. Embark on a journey to become a proficient flight instructor with all the necessary tools and resources right at your fingertips. Click below for a practical, comprehensive solution to CFI preparation.

Key Features

All-Inclusive Content: No need for additional books or materials. This binder encapsulates all the required knowledge, aligning with FAA standards.

Compact & Mobile: Teach effectively even in confined spaces. The binder’s digital format on your iPad ensures essential information is always accessible, without the bulk.

FAA-aligned Curriculum: Comprehensive content covering every subject area required by the FAA CFI Practical.

Problems we

Lack of Standardization

While your results may vary in the airplane, ground school can sometimes be sketchy, especially at Part 61 training institutions lacking standardization. We are developing a collegiate-level training program to ensure aviation students learn exactly what they need to know - and more importantly, understand that knowledge deeply.

Lack of Understanding

We have discovered that numerous training programs in both General Aviation (flight schools) and Professional Aviation (air carrier flight ops training departments) struggle to teach applicants at the basic “understanding and application” levels of learning. We are addressing this issue by developing training programs that boast an expansive depth of knowledge and are paired with exceptional instructors.

Deficient Training

Deficient training is a significant issue in today's aviation world, often resulting from instruction provided by inexperienced GA instructors. These individuals earn their CFI ticket primarily for “time building,” aiming to quickly ascend to the ranks of an air carrier.

We hold the view that GA Flight Instructors are the Gatekeepers of Aviation, a respected role that should neither be exploited nor regarded merely as a “stepping stone aviation job.” Flying the airplane is easy; however, the skill of simultaneously teaching and managing both the aircraft and its crew requires a considerable investment of time and cannot be shortcutted.

Flight Instructor Study:

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