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The Truth About Free CFI Lesson Plans

Have you found yourself searching for FREE CFI Lesson Plans on the internet? Well, if you’re reading this article. The chances are the answer to this question is, yes! It might be tempting to download some Free CFI Lesson Plans from a random dark corner of the internet, but the fact remains… You always sacrifice one thing with Free… QUALITY! Let Divergent Aerospace explain why you should steer away from low-cost CFI Lesson Plans and how our product, The Complete CFI Binder Series, was created to help you become the successful flight instructor that you always wanted to be!

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The Truth About Free CFI Lesson Plans

If you’ve found yourself reading this article. You’ve most likely been scouring the internet trying to find some Free CFI Lesson Plans to use for your CFI Training and subsequent CFI Practical Exam. It might be tempting to download some Free CFI Lesson Plans from a random dark corner of the internet, but the fact remains… You always sacrifice one thing with Free… QUALITY!

We are firm believers in the statement “you get what you pay for.” If “Free” is your price, you must ask yourself… “Am I willing to gamble a checkride failure on my airman record to save a few dollars?” Especially when a checkride failure will remain on my airman record forever?

At this point in your career. Maybe Free is all you can afford. We understand, at FlightCog, we’ve all gone through the same training you’re going through now or are about to begin. We know the cost of training is high. We all had to do it, just like you. In fact, at FlightCog, our members paid for their education out-of-pocket, without financial assistance from our families. So, when we say we know how expensive training is… We know.

Let’s talk about those FREE CFI Lesson Plans you’ve been searching for on Google. Recently, many small websites have popped up on the internet advertising CFI Lesson Plans either for free or for very cheap. When we say cheap, we’re talking under $80.

This low price point should alarm you. Why? Because it’s substantially below the average market rate for aerospace training materials.

Also, what are the qualifications of the author(s), the company and brand they represent? What about insurance? Are these internet companies who are selling this content insured? What about the brand? Is it a reputable brand? Are they even a real company? Or are they just a website selling repurposed CFI Lesson Plans?

Based on our research, we find that many of these internet websites who sell these CFI Lesson Plans for under $100 are not insured, and are not even real companies. When we say “real companies” we mean an entity that has been filed with the Secretary of State to legally do business (a Limited Liability Company or a Corporation). These companies are nothing more than a website that sells CFI Lesson Plans in a Microsoft word document. Likely, these CFI Lesson Plans were used for the individual’s CFI Practical, then later were repurposed as a way to generate some extra income.

Again, this should alarm you. Do you really want to invest your CFI career in an unproven product that was repurposed and sold to you? Especially when your future career could be adversely affected by a checkride failure…

Heres the deal… FlightCog was first to market with The Complete CFI Binder Series, originally published in 2014. We know CFI training. We know what works and what doesn’t. We are a real aerospace education company headquartered in PPG Place in Pittsburgh, PA. We’re also fully insured and fully registered to do business. We stand behind our brand, our company, and our products. Our companies’ sole purpose is to create educational content to help you succeed in your aviation career.

Our CFI Lesson Plans were professionally built for you and are not only designed to help you pass your CFI Oral but also to study and learn the correct information from the start of your flight instructor training and career. This is the basic law of Primacy.

Our CFI Lesson Plans are a by-product of years of direct industry experience and research. Moreover, our products are not created in Microsoft Word. We use industry-standard publishing software designed by Adobe to write and publish all of our content.

Our CFI Lesson Plans work a bit differently than those Word Document CFI Lesson Plans you’ve found on the internet. This is intentional, as we’ve designed our content to be used as-is, as published. We intentionally do this, as we’ve created our lessons to be learned and taught via a standardized approach that we have developed and perfected over the years.

Welcome to The Complete CFI Binder Series – a suite of professionally engineered CFI Lesson Plans designed for a complete turnkey application. With The Complete CFI Binder Series, you’ll be equipped with every single testable subject area required as per the FAA CFI PTS. Our product is much more than just CFI Lesson Plans though. Our product is designed to be all-encompassing. We’ve actually built all the relevant information you need to study and teach directly within our textbook.

The Complete CFI Binder Series are registered copywritten textbooks with valid ISBNs, registered in the Library of Congress. We are serious about our content and truly believe that it is vastly superior to anything else you’ll find for FREE or for under $100 on the internet.

Let’s talk about cost. The Complete CFI Binder is by no means the cheapest product available for CFI training. We’ve established this much earlier in this article. The Complete CFI Binder is a premium product designed for a unique client. Our ideal client is a CFI Applicant who values their pass rate, doesn’t want to create their own CFI Binder from scratch, and who needs a fully unified solution that has been professionally developed and compiled for their needs as a future Aviation Instructor.

We hope this article will help you make a more informed buying decision when the time comes to purchase your CFI Lesson Plans. If you’d like to contact us with any questions, we’re here to help. Send us an email at help@flightcog.io.

If you’d like more information on The Complete CFI Binder Series or our individual lesson plans. Please click the links provided below.

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