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How to Build Your Kneeboard Reference Guide

This KB doc was last updated on October 2, 2023
at 1:30 PM Eastern
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This support document should be used to help with How to Build Your Kneeboard Reference Guide. If you need further assistance, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide further assistance.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

The Kneeboard Reference Guide tool aims to facilitate cockpit teaching by promoting standardized execution of flight maneuvers. It enhances understanding, enabling students to visualize maneuvers on paper before executing them in the aircraft.

The Kneeboard Reference Guide is exclusive to the original customer who purchased it. Sharing, modifying, or copying the document is strictly prohibited.

Printing Instructions

Developed in a professional publishing program, this document prints with bleed markings and a dotted line indicating the cutting area. Use this line as a reference when sizing and cutting the guide for your kneeboard.

Assembly Guide

The Kneeboard Reference Guide is designed to fit most kneeboards available in the market.

  1. Print the document on standard US Letter pages.

  2. Cut it to the desired size using a paper cutter (available at FedEx Office or UPS Store), ensuring it fits your kneeboard.

  3. You can adjust the page size if needed for larger or smaller text/data. The original size is 5.25” W x 7.5” H.

  4. Specifically designed to fit vinyl Flight Crew Checklist Binders, available online: Flight Crew Checklist Binders.

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