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The Complete CFI Binder End User License Agreement

This KB doc was last updated on October 2, 2023
at 12:56 PM Eastern
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This support document should be used to help with The Complete CFI Binder End User License Agreement. If you need further assistance, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide further assistance.

Table of Contents

What is an EULA?

An End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a contractual agreement between FlightCog, the e-book provider, and the end user (you). This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing the use of the e-book, detailing the rights and restrictions applicable to the user. The EULA covers essential aspects like acceptable usage, guidelines for distribution, disclaimers, and potential consequences for breaching the agreement. By accepting the EULA, the end user commits to complying with these terms, establishing a legal framework that regulates the access and use of the e-book provided by FlightCog. Every copy of The Complete CFI Binder we sell is sold and governed based on the terms of the EULA.

CFI Binder is a Rented Book

The Complete CFI Binder Series is presented as a "rented" ebook, requiring a user license to legally possess and consume its content. FlightCog retains ownership of The Complete CFI Binder Series of Products.

When you download The Complete CFI Binder Series from FlightCog, you do not physically own a copy; rather, you are granted the "right to use" it, akin to renting a book from a library. Upon purchase, a customer is enrolled in a subscription attached to The Complete CFI Binder Series, representing the user license that determines the duration of "the right to use" the material.

Forfeiture of Usability

Upon subscription termination, the customer forfeits all rights to use the product. The user license is specific to the individual whose account downloaded the product and is imprinted at the bottom of all pages within The Complete CFI Binder Series. This permission is not a physical ownership but a grant to use the product.

Subscription Cancellation Notice

Customers canceling the associated subscription will lose access to:

  • The Book.

  • Book Updates.

  • Book Download Permissions.

  • Download Reset Privileges.

Each copy of The Complete CFI Binder is granted a user license, controlling product possession authorization. The license is granted to one person, imprinted within the publication at the time of download. Refer to our legal page for details on the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Right To Use

Physically owning the downloaded copy is not the case; instead, you are granted the "permission" and the "right" to use the product. Customers with an "active" subscription can no longer access product updates or download previous purchases.

Product Modifications

Customers are not authorized to modify our Intellectual Property. Modification of content within The Complete CFI Binder Series or any electronic publications offered on our website is strictly prohibited. Removal of our branding from our Intellectual Property is also unauthorized.

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