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Refunds on CFI Binder Book Subscriptions

This KB doc was last updated on October 2, 2023
at 12:10 PM Eastern
KB Support Doc
This support document should be used to help with Refunds on CFI Binder Book Subscriptions. If you need further assistance, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide further assistance.

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The Complete CFI Binder E-Book is bundled with a semi-annual subscription that renews every six (6) months. Customers have the flexibility to cancel the subscription at any time, even immediately after purchasing The Complete CFI Binder. To initiate a cancellation, customers can visit: https://flightcog.io/my-account/subscriptions/.

For additional details about this subscription, please refer to the KB article provided: https://flightcog.io/kb/why-the-cfi-binder-e-book-has-a-subscription/

Cancellation Policy

Following the processing of a subscription renewal, you have a thirty-day (30) window beyond the renewal date to cancel. Failure to contact us within this period renders you ineligible for any refund. Exceptions, though rare, may be considered at the sole discretion of FlightCog, its directors, and/or employees.

User License

The subscription, which includes The Complete CFI Binder Series, incorporates a crucial component known as "a user license." This license grants you permission to utilize our intellectual property for a specified duration. Legally, you do not own our intellectual property; we are simply granting you permission to use it (hence the license). This restriction prohibits modifications to our work, and the license serves as our means of physical control over our intellectual property, determining who has access and how it is utilized.

Additional Details

In the event of a subscription renewal, cancellations are accepted up to thirty days (30) beyond the renewal date. Failure to initiate cancellation within this timeframe forfeits any entitlement to a refund. Exceptions, if considered, will be solely at the discretion of FlightCog, its directors, and/or employees.

The user license bundled with The Complete CFI Binder Series grants permission to utilize our intellectual property for a specified duration. This grant, from a legal standpoint, emphasizes that you do not own our intellectual property. We are providing permission for use (hence the license), prohibiting modifications to our work. The license also serves as the mechanism through which we regulate access and usage of our intellectual property.


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