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Why the CFI Binder E-Book has a Subscription

This KB doc was last updated on October 2, 2023
at 7:33 PM Eastern
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The Complete CFI Binder Series is designed as a dynamic product, continuously updated to ensure our customers always have the latest material for FAA Practical and student instruction. Updates include new content additions, corrections, and revisions to enhance overall quality.

Why We Charge

In the Information Age, where free information is expected, we charge a $25.00 semi-annual fee for this subscription. This fee is essential to compensate staff for the extensive work required to provide consistent updates, additions, and maintenance. It ensures we can continue delivering a valuable product.

Free Period

Upon your order processing, you receive a free six-month period. During this time, you enjoy free product revisions, including feature updates, new content, and error corrections. This free period begins immediately after your order is processed.

Billing Period

After the free period, a $25.00 semi-annual fee applies. This subscription fee is billed until canceled. If not canceled, subsequent renewals are billed on the "start date" listed on your initial order invoice.

Cancel At Any Time

Customers have the flexibility to cancel at any time while retaining access to product updates for the remaining free subscription period. To cancel, log into your Customer Account and follow the instructions in the FAQ titled "How to Cancel a CFI Binder E-Book Subscription."

After Cancellation

Cancellation terminates your individual user license, affecting your ability to download updates, request resets, and re-download The Complete CFI Binder Series.

Subscription Refund Policy

The subscription includes a user license granting permission to use our intellectual property for a specified time. As you do not own the intellectual property, modifications are not permitted. Subscription renewals can be canceled within thirty days of renewal processing for a refund. Exceptions may be considered at FlightCog's discretion.

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