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CFI Binder

For Flight Instructor Certification

4.9/5 by Flight Instructors

The Complete CFI Binder Series

Step into a streamlined learning experience designed specifically for aspiring flight instructors. The Complete CFI Binder, in an easy-to-navigate PDF format, offers a direct path from CFI/CFII Ground School to Checkride. Embark on a journey to become a proficient flight instructor with all the necessary tools and resources right at your fingertips. Click below for a practical, comprehensive solution to CFI preparation.

Key Features

All-Inclusive Content: No need for additional books or materials. This binder encapsulates all the required knowledge, aligning with FAA standards.

Compact & Mobile: Teach effectively even in confined spaces. The binder’s digital format on your iPad ensures essential information is always accessible, without the bulk.

FAA-aligned Curriculum: Comprehensive content covering every subject area required by the FAA CFI Practical.

Initial CFI Training and Certification

The Complete CFI Binder Series is a professionally designed, comprehensive, unified collection designed to instruct the CFI applicant in nearly every required area of study for the FAA CFI practical. It is a turnkey solution that will have you “checkride-ready” by tomorrow.

700+ Pages

Knowledge-Packed For CFI

500+ Pages

Knowledge-Packed For CFII

Designed by Pilots

For Pilots

Fast-Track Your CFI Career

A completely turnkey solution for Commercial Pilots seeking FAA CFI/CFII  Certification.

Invest In Your Success

For decades, the process of becoming a Flight Instructor has largely remained unchanged. The "Primary CFI" assigns a "lesson" to the applicant, who then attempts to "build a lesson plan" for this subject area and tries to teach the material. The FAA operates under the belief that passing the FOI written exam suddenly transforms you into a "teacher." This notion is patently incorrect.

A significant number of CFI applicants are unprepared to teach effectively. Many struggle to navigate the FOI portion of the CFI training program, with some barely passing. The majority resort to study aids to rote memorize the answers to the FOI test.

Consider a scenario where your college professor earned their teaching credentials in the same manner you obtained your FOI. It’s likely that you wouldn't have much confidence in such a professor, even leading you to question the quality of your education. We are steadfast in our belief that CFI applicants should not be tasked with creating their own lesson plans or training programs.

Don't Waste Your Valuable Time

Ever wonder WHY the Flight Instructor at your local FBO is suggesting, or perhaps even insisting, that you create your own CFI Lesson Plans? We've posed this question to numerous CFIs. The majority simply echo the conventional responses listed below, all of which we vehemently disagree with!


"This is How It's Always Been."

Needless to say, this mentality signifies a stark resistance to innovation. Such thinking ultimately leads to long-term deficiencies in areas that could benefit from improved processes.


"I had to Make Mine, So You'll Make Yours Too."

This particular objection is highly detrimental to the aviation profession. Such an 'indoctrination statement' is often uttered by instructors resistant to innovation and improved processes.


"The Examiner Won't Accept Pre-Bought Lesson Plans."

Our product is so meticulously refined that FAA-appointed DPEs use it as an outline for the CFI Checkride. This objection is simply baseless.

The focus should be on the CFI Applicant's ability to teach the material. The DPE's role is to 'check' whether the applicant possesses the required knowledge and proficiency to meet the issuance requirements for the CFI ticket.

There is no reason for an examiner to criticize a CFI Applicant for becoming intimately familiar with the exact elements outlined in the FAA testing standards, especially when achieved through studying a professionally developed training manual like ours.


"You'll Learn Better by Creating Your Own CFI Lesson Plans."

While we strongly advocate for self-study and self-research, there is a point where it can become detrimental. This occurs when a CFI is uncertain about what to study or where to begin. Such uncertainty can lead a CFI Applicant down a precarious path of studying incorrect information or focusing on topics not required for the checking event, resulting in confusion and the potential for negative training.

Thorndike's Laws of Learning are particularly instructive here; the Law of Primacy, which refers to the notion that the first learning experience is often indelible, emphasizes the critical importance of accurate initial instruction and learning.

Hence, we firmly believe that a CFI Applicant should be equipped with the correct information from day one. It is not a process of learning through the creation and refinement of incorrect lesson plans under the supervision of the Primary CFI administering the training for the certificate.

Primary Features

The Complete CFI Binder is NOT 'just CFI Lesson Plans!' Such plans can be found anywhere on the internet, sometimes for free. If you’re in search of FREE lesson plans, this product is NOT for you. Remember: You get what you pay for!

Our material is free of complicated jargon and avoids verbose information that adds no value. We adhere to the 'simple to complex' principle in our writing style. The Complete CFI Binder has been intentionally crafted to be fundamentally easy to comprehend – you don't need a Ph.D. in Aeronautics to understand or teach our material!

Take It Anywhere

Full Portability

The Complete CFI Binder is a digital book designed for use on any mobile device or computer. Carry it with you into the cockpit, the debriefing room, or even on vacation. It’s time to bid farewell to those bulky books.

Create Internal Notes for Study

Annotate and Highlight

While you cannot edit or modify our copyrighted work, you can highlight any text and annotate anywhere you want without ever losing your notes. These annotations are saved directly to the PDF.

When You're Ready

Print a Physical Copy

You can easily print the entire copy of The Complete CFI Binder at home or get it professionally printed to use during the FAA Practical, with your students, or with your Primary CFI. Study the material electronically and print it out when you’re ready for the Practical.

Consume It Your Way

Open-Source PDF

We do not employ hard-DRM on any of our materials. Our objective is to assist you, so we don’t restrict you to a specific program to access our work. Feel free to download and add it to any PDF reader of your choice - it’s even compatible with ForeFlight!

Optional Subscription For

Future-Proof Updates

The Complete CFI Binder isn’t your regular book. We engineered it for on-the-fly, continuous updates. We occasionally publish enhancements and updates to ensure you always have the resources you need for effective studying and teaching!

Yes, This Costs Money

Biannual Subscription

Free work is usually not synonymous with quality, which is why we charge for updates. With your initial purchase, you'll receive six months of free content updates. Afterward, an optional semi-annual subscription is available, granting you access to ongoing product updates, revisions, and future downloads. You're free to cancel this subscription at any time.

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