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CFI Lesson Plans

Cutting Edge

Say farewell to traditional PDF CFI Lesson Plans and embrace a cutting-edge, interactive approach that will revolutionize the way you absorb and teach aviation knowledge.

Immersive Learning

A new immersive learning adventure where each lesson is a fusion of knowledge and technology, meticulously crafted to propel your aerospace knowledge to new heights.

Gateway to Experiences

Dive into lessons that are not just pages to read, but gateways to experience. Our new format seamlessly integrates various interactive features that turn learning into a hands-on exploration.

Enriched Lessons

Say goodbye to mundane texts and welcome vibrant, informative videos that capture the essence of each concept. Our lessons are now enriched with visuals that make complex topics simple, ensuring you grasp every nuance with ease.

Leap Forward

This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a quantum leap in CFI training. Empower yourself with a curriculum that doesn’t just teach, but inspires and challenges.

Free Preview

For a limited time. Get an exclusive sneak peek into our enhanced lesson plans – no subscription required! Discover the difference and see the future of Flight Instructor Education.

Next Gen: PDF E-Book Replacement

This new version of our lesson plans is set to replace The Complete CFI Binder in PDF format. We anticipate this updated format will significantly enhance both the learning and teaching experience for Flight Instructors. To make this experience more affordable for new CFI Applicants, we'll be introducing a new subscription-based payment option. Although this product will be fully web-based, we're also planning to include an option that allows a lesson plan to be conveniently printed in PDF format directly from our website. We believe that the journey of becoming a Flight Instructor should be both enjoyable and impactful. We're excited to unveil this new experience that we've been preparing for you and future generations of Flight Instructors. We hope you find it valuable and enriching.
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