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Now Accepting Apple Pay

Now Accepting Apple Pay! Apple Pay can be used on any Non-Subscription Product that we sell on our website. Since The Complete CFI Binder Series is a Subscription Product, Apple Pay cannot us used.

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DENVER, COLORADO, May 21st, 2017 — FlightCog (Formerly known as Divergent Aerospace) now accepts Apple Pay! We have modified our server settings to allow for this frequently requested payment feature. Starting on Sunday, May 21, 2017, Apple Pay will be made available to customers who wish to utilize the Apple Pay method of payment to purchase non-subscription related products at FlightCog.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay cannot be used on The Complete CFI Binder Series, as this is a subscription product, and there is no way to process a reoccurring payment using Apple Pay. Apple Pay can now be used on our website for non-subscription products.

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Michelle Schvabenitz
Managing Director, CFO
Michelle Schvabenitz is the Co-Founder of Divergent Aerospace. She has a non-aviation related science background in Public Health. She is a Kent State Graduate with degrees in Applied Science and Public Health Clinical Research.
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